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 Posted: Thu Feb 8th, 2007 02:24 am
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These are some good titles; they are what I have in my personal library.  Smith's book has some minor glaring errors but for visual reference it is priceless... and for $15 it's useful.


Barry, Craig L., The Civil War Musket: A Handbook for Historical Accuracy-Lock, Stock and Barrel,  Watchdog Press, 2006.


Coates, Earl J. & McAulay, John D., Civil War Sharps Carbines & Rifles, Thomas Publications, 1996.


Coates, Earl J. & Thomas, Dean S., An Introduction to Civil War Small Arms, Thomas Publications, 1990


Edwards, William B., Civil War Guns, The Stackpole Company, 1962.


Fuller, Claud E., The Rifled Musket, The Stackpole Company, 1958.


Fuller, Claud E., Springfield Shoulder Arms 1795-1865, S&S Firearms, 1986.


McAulay, John D., Rifles of the U.S. Army 1861-1906, Andrew Mowbray Publishers, 2003.


Reilly, Robert M., United States Military Small Arms 1816-1865, Eagle Press, 1970.


Smith, Graham, Civil War Weapons, KP Books, 2005.


Sword, Wiley, Firepower from Abroad The Confederate Enfield and the LeMat Revolver, Andrew Mowbray Inc., 1986.


Sword, Wiley, Sharpshooter: Hiram Berdan, his famous Sharpshooters and their Sharps Rifles, Andrew Mowbray Inc., 1988.


Whisker, James A., Hartzler, Daniel D. & Yantz, Larry W., Firearms from Europe, Tom Rowe Books, 2002.




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