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 Posted: Wed Feb 14th, 2007 07:27 pm
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I have found a W. Young Farm in the Official Military Atlas of the Civil War, pageXCV, plate 2. It's quite a bit south of "between Little Round Top and Culps Hill." Don't know what kind of map you might have, but if it covers much more than the battlefield, you can locate the farm. (The farm is on the plate labeled Gregg's Union and Stuart's Confederate Cavalry.)

In this area, the Baltimore Pike runs about due SE. The farm is located about 4000 feet about due NE of the Pike on a road perpendicular to the pike. There is no name on the road, but it follows Plum or Cress Run (not the Plum Run west of the Round Tops) which flows into White Run just east of the Pike. White Run supercedes and runs into Rock Creek

The buildings are across a field from the unnamed road and named creek. No way for me to tell the size of the field, but it seems to be the equivalent in size to other fields in the area. If you bisect a line from the northern end of the Culp's Hill defenses and Little Round Top, the Young farm will be directly east. It is slightly north of east of the Rock Creek Bridge on the Baltimore Pike. (The mentioned 4000 feet.)

There is a Widow Young and a Jon Young in the area, if your map shows "Dutch Road."

I see no direct evidence that they got their crops trampled, but it is quite likely that Gregg's Brigade (now into Bachelder maps) rode through it in the morning, and they'd have seen Custer's and McInthosh's Brigades riding up Dutch Road. The major fighting was at least more than a mile away, just south of the Hanover Road and a NE of the W. Young farm.

Laura's recollections were certainly enhanced over the years, but having their crops trampled (a brigade of cavalry will certainly do that) is distinctly possible and, if the old man didn't keep them in the cellar, the battle might well have been visible and audible, though almost two miles away.

Hope this helps your friend.


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