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 Posted: Fri Feb 16th, 2007 03:35 am
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Some Civil War-era Floridians have places named after them.

Stephen R Mallory: Lived part of his life in Key West, Florida. Was a member of the US Senate when Florida seceded from the Union. He was Secretary of the Navy in the Confederacy and served time in prison for his participation in the Confederate government.

Mallory Square in Key West is named after him. It is the harbor-side location of the famous nightly sunset festivities and circus-like fiesta that attracts tourists and locals alike.

Captain Richard Bradford: Fought in the Civil War and was killed at the Battle of Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola in Florida.  Bradford City is named after him.

James McNair Baker: Judge and senator in the Confederacy. Baker City, FL is named after him.

David Levy Yulee: Was pro-slavery and pro-secession. Served two non-consecutive terms in the US Senate but withdrew when Florida seceded. He was the first Jewish US senator. He was imprisoned nine months in Fort Pulaski Prison post war for his activities in aid of the Confederacy, including serving in the Confederate Congress.  He is primarily known, however, for his work with railroads in Florida and is called the "Father of Florida Rail Roads."

The town of Yulee, Florida and Levy County, Florida are named for him.


I need to dig further on this subject. I will research a few local names to see if they are related to the Civil War. Actually most Florida names relate to the Spanish explorers and the native-Americans who lived here before the Spanish arrived. Also many names refer to post Civil War settlers, politicians and developers.

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