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 Posted: Sun Feb 18th, 2007 06:55 pm
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Johnny Huma
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Those reenacters are there every year at "Pitzer Woods" where the recently placed Longstreet Monument is..I also talked with some of these guys on top of Little Round Top and when questioning them down the guy told me that his company was posted there and that of course the guys that fell back out of Pitzer Woods was part of the same unit. Anybody got any real facts on that? I dont recall ever reading that they were a part of the Little Round Top assult but that is what this guy claimed. He also claims that at least 80 percent of the reenactors of the Berdan Sharpshooters are actually decendents of the original Sharpshooters...This guy was really up on his History of the Berdan Sharpshooters and all his equipment he had there also. But still not sure about the Little Round Top episode..Anybody?



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