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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2007 04:06 pm
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No offense at all, I just thought my real point was misunderstood and wanted to clarify that. 

I do believe something wrong happened at Ft. Pillow and Forrest does have to accept some guilt for that just like the lady general at Abu Gharib shared culbability in that event even though she may not have witnesssed or condoned it.  The commander has to instill the right climate in his/her command and if that is not done or they look the other way, they share some of the culpability. 

Even accepting the property argument, which I may to a certain extent, the white Tennesseans fighting for the Union who were killed after the fighting ended were not former property and should not have been treated as they were.  It was without a doubt, a highly charged situation that had many unfortunate events by both sides contribute to what happened.

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