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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2007 08:45 pm
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Hello, JDC:

I sure am looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts on this one!

Gettysburg, over the Fourth, has been a really wonderful experience for me.  But a lot of that has been the camaraderie as well as the pageantry (love those nights at the Cashtown Inn!).  However, when I try to imagine G-Burg over the sesquicentennial, my mind starts to implode...for me, it may just be TOO crowded and overwhelming to really enjoy, unless I’m participating in something structured with good friends for the duration – either reenacting or filming or doing photography – then, it’s fun no matter where or even how crowded it is.  Whatever the case, The Spectacle will be without parallel, I'm guessing. 

Vicksburg, on the other hand, may provide a very moving tribute to a generally less celebrated, but also very deeply moving event in history.  Perhaps the experience there may be more personalized, while equally as moving?  And, considering that the Battle of G-burg took place in three days while the Siege of V-burg took months, well, might there be more diversity in the V-burg rememberence?

Then, of course, G-burg is basically a village, and Vicksburg a city, so how will that enter into the equation?  Guess I have to start watching the V-burg sesquicentennial sites.

I honestly don't know, but if I had to make my choice today, I'd choose Vicksburg for the Fourth, and maybe do G-Burg on Remembrance Day, which will also be huge.

OK, I’m talking off the top of my head – but it’s a really good question, and someone has to get the ball rolling.  

To tell the truth, until I read this, I was just thinking, “To G-burg or not to G-burg, that is that question…” (I can drive there in nine hours, which is easy for me, done it often).  Now, you’ve got me thinking, “HMMMMMmmmmm:  Vicksburg!!!!!  Two days, but worth the trip?”

Well, you're very smart to make reservations now!!!!  



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