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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2007 12:03 am
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I love Gettysburg, but I have to love it because I grew up just a few miles away. But I love Gettysburg quiet. I need and want the peace to think of what happened and to feel the vibes ( for want of a better word.) I especailly like the battle field in  the winter with snow on the ground or in the autumn when the leaves are gorgeous up around Biglerville and at Caledonia State Park. 

 It is beautiful, too, just as the sun is setting. I love it up on Little Round Top then or climbing up to the top of Devil's Den. Besides some of the fiercest battles were fought around sunset at this hallowed ground.

I don't think I would want all that pageantry. OK, maybe it would be a moving experience to see the re-enactors doing Pickett's charge or see a re-enactment of the cavalry action at the East Cavalry Field.  I've often thought about what a spectacular event the artllery barrage was just before that tragic charge.

But where you can you stay? You might be able to stay in Chambersburg or Carlisle, even Hagerstown. But it isn't the same having to travel that distance and I bet Gettysburg will have traffic gridlock.  On a typical summer night in G-burg, the restaurants are jam packed.  At a huge festival...well, I can't even imagine.

Maybe I'd take the advice above and go to Vicksburg and surrounding areas.



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