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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2007 03:40 pm
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Yep, a regular Lazarus alright.....I can't figure why they have him listed as dying twice!!....I did get in contact with the Director of the Chattanooga National Park....He gave me a lot more "what if's" because there were no hospital records, etc....As to place of burial (he died of diarehea in a hospital) they were typically buried on hospital grounds with wooden boards as markers. Parts of the graves have been washed away in the last 140 years, and no record was kept as to who was buried where....

When he "died" in Alabama, it allegedly occured in a hospital, but I can only find a variety of hospitals that were there (or used) at the time.....I haven't been able to find any records or even a person to contact.

As to census info, I've found nothing in TN, Arkansas or Mississippi, so I don't know what county/state he came from, whether or not he was married and had children. It could be possible that he either came from another state after the 1860 census or that he migrated from another country.....

I sure picked a mystery when I chose to portray this guy!

I do hope I find him, though, because, in a way, I feel bad for him.....A lost soldier who died in a hospital alone, is buried in an unknown location, with, presumably, no one to mourn his passing or even remember that he lived......

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