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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 01:07 am
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Ole... I see you followed the Ft Pillow thread over on CWT.  I believe you pretty much hit it spot on.


My take on it is simply that he stopped the murders as soon as he found out what was going on.  Did he order or encourage it?  No, but he also wasn't on top of things when it came time to stop it.  Forrest was not the first to treat USCT POW's roughly and he was not the last.  Jeff Davis w/ his order to enslave or execute black men wearing the blue... was disgraceful.

As to comparing Sherman & Forrest... done by some not a fair comparison as Sherman Commanded Armies, while the largest force Forrest ever commanded was in the neighborhood of 4500 men.  The actions of Shermans men... were dramaticly exaggerated by the Lost Cause and unfortunately it has caught on in American culture.  Shermans Campaign to the Sea & through the Carolinas was one of the least bloody and most effective in the ACW.  It broke the back of the CS and for that the Lost Cause hated/hate Sherman and his men ever since.

Younglobo... 1.  Sioux is a white mans name for the Lakota and not a compliment.  In fact it is a calculated insult.

2.  The Lakota word for wolf is Sunktokeca; sungmanitu would be the plural.

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