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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 04:13 am
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 Vicksburg was spread out over months  while Gettysburg was  only 3 days. If that helps ya deside.

Widow , Its not that nessary  that the NPS  wants to protect the ground. but that its hollowed  ground.  Nothing that we could portray as a reenactor   could even comke close to what thoses brave men,  boys and in some cases women went through.

While most Parks  has there living history programs. Stones River the past two years has  doing the closest i seen  to actually  having  a reenactment on  NPS property.

I am part of the Volunteer Reenactors that do living history programs there through out the year.

On the Anv.  both Union and confederate reenactors  take turns firing  there weapon .( never at each other ) but  crisscrossing each other .  While a Park ranger  and other reenactors tell the story  of what happend through first person accounts.

I'm not sure if other parks do the same thing but if you ever Get to Middle Tn  on Dec 31st  stop by and say hi.




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