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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 02:18 pm
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ole wrote: Johan Steele:

My point was simply that Forrest's excuse for Fort Pillow should apply as well to Sherman's devastating saunter across the south. If there were excesses,  They should be attributed to  the understandable exuyberance of the troops committing them. Although the commander is ultimately responsible, it is quite understood that he didn't, in fact, necessarily order it.

Much appreciated your Lakota words for "wolf." I remember in my youth a fellow named Al Ramey. He was a native American and was refused service at the town pub as a "canoe pusher."  I can only remember the story that he pitched bales with both arms -- one bale in this one and one bale in that one. Saw him once or twice. Shoulders like a buffalo. Hands like hams hanging from arms like tree trunks. Never did figure out why he was shunned. Looked like a decent man to me.


I tend to agree w/ your analysis on the men under both commands.  In reference to the numbers commanded I was thinking of the number of scum held w/in.  If, say 10%, of an army are dirtbags an army of 4500 will field 450 less than savory charachters and an army of 60,000... the disparity is obvious.  But that said the unsavory lot are the minority and normally held in check by the more numerous decent sort.

As in any gathering of human beings decent people gravitate toward decent people and scum towards other scum.  You get 50-60 scum together away from the control & influence of the decent sort you are going to have problems and those problems may well become quite severe.

That said you know my view towards all of the evil Shermans men rhetoric propogated by the Lost Cause.


As to the Lakota... a wonderful people.  The two of the most stunningly beautiful women I have ever known were Lakota; Mona LeCompte & Ishone Uses the Knife.  Some of the best and most decent people I have had the honor to meet were also Lakota.  Good people some, bad others... just like any other culture; you have your good and your bad.

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