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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 03:15 pm
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Susan, thanks for those links. The writers certainly do add perspective. As I think back on the movie, I believe the story is essentially as the links say. I did get the impression that Newton had long been repented of his slave trading days, but maybe the movie doesn't actually say that...come to think of it.

You know what, the movie is defintely worth seeing twice. It covers so much history, so it would be easy to miss an essential fact or misinterpret some small moment, giving it less or more than it is due.

Johan, I do agree Hollywood has a disgraceful habit of twisting history for dramatic effect. It bears attention, however, the director of this movie is the same one who directed the bio-pic "Ray" which earned Jamie Fox an Oscar for Best Actor for his spot on portrayal of Ray Charles. 

"Amazing Grace" may have taken some liberties in the serivice of drama and time compression of an idea that took decades to grab hold, but I did leave the theater feeling very inspired and not feeling that the movie was typical Hollywood drek.

A last note, the movie critic at the Palm Beach Post called this picture a "movie theater version of a HIstory Channel DVD." That is so not true. The acting, alone, is far superior to that of typical History Channel fare. I would put it closer to an excellent HBO histroic drama such asthe recent  "Roosevelt at Warm Springs. "

By the way, a big shout out to HBO for their absorbing series "Rome."

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