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 Posted: Sat Feb 24th, 2007 05:38 pm
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Oh I agree GWTW is cheesy at its best..   But it Has  sparked a interest in 1000's of folks who more than likely wouldn't have given two thoughts of the period.

I will say this and be off the topic of GWTW as this is the Amazing Grace thread.

In the scene where Rhett is pushing bonnie in her carriage and  Aunt Pity Pat and the other Lady  discus his actions at the Battle of Franklin  and that he donated a large sum of funds for the beautification of the graves there.

Mary A. H. Gay's half  brother "Thomie" - Thomas  Stokes 10th Texas Infantry was killed during the battle of Franklin and is buried at Carnton.    On one of her visits  to the cemetery she was disheartened by  its appearance  and through her efforts raised the funds for the wrought iron fence that still surrounds the cemetery.  There is a marker at the entrance telling of donation.

Now back to are regularly scheduled  program..

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