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 Posted: Sun Feb 25th, 2007 05:34 am
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I can't imagine how crowded Gettysburg will be .  The last time I was there was two years ago in May.  The week end of the Blue and Gray soccer tournament .  Now the battlefield wasn't bad.  But I swear I must have gotten the last room in the town.  I didn't have reservations.  Then I wanted to have dinner in my favorite place so sat and waited two hours to have dinner.  Since I was on the road all day I almost fell alseep in my crab cakes.  Took my gingerbread back to the motel.  Still I had to eat with about a million (give or take 999,999 kids ).  The next morning trying to find a place to eat breakfas was even worse  Check before you go and see if they are having the soccer tournament that weekend  Seems like it was right before memorial day . 

I woud raher go to Vicksburg for many reasons.  For one from California it is closer .  I evy you all that can be in Gettysburg in a few hours . 

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