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 Posted: Sun Feb 25th, 2007 04:28 pm
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Johnny Huma
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Where and when will it all stop..Slavery was a way of life then..It is not now...We fought a war over states rights that turned into a war to free the black american. How many white Union soldiers died for just that reason. Is that not enough...Must we pay for our forefathers sins forever. Take a look around you in this new century. We have programs for black Americans and Indian Americans that you as someone of different heritage could not even think about getting. Just the other day I saw on TV an all black girls basketball team that does not accept whites..It is all black. God, think of the static that would bring if you had an all white team where no blacks could join.  In 1972 I joined the USAF and we attended race relations classes. On one occasion we were told to rate the American flag from -10 to a +10. 4 of the 5 blacks in the class rated it a -10. When asked why, the statement they gave was that all it meant to them was that on the way to the chow hall they had to stop and salute it. You cant even imagine the rage I was feeling thinking I was serving with people who I was hoping to never be in a foxhole with. My point here is no matter what you do the slavery issue will never go away and all the apologies in the world will not make it go away. It is still here and alive and will only die out with time. It will take hundreds of years before the people will look back at that time and accept it for what it was. It was wrong, there is no argument there, but it was...I guess we owe all the Indians an apology also so all you state reps better get writing. Oh yea and I guess we owe the English and apology also for rebelling and forming our own country..And you Southerners need to aplogize to us Northerners for starting a Civil War..See where does it stop...Let it go...As long as blacks and whites alike hold harbor for what happened in the past there can be no healing on the issue..State apologies or Federal apologies are not going to heal the country of the Slavery issue..We must as a people heal ourselves and take what happened in the past and learn from it and not to repeat our mistakes as a nation. That is what makes a nation strong...Oh yea I am Italian and I want an apology from the gov. for attaching the WAP name to my kind...So while your all writing............



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