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 Posted: Sun Feb 25th, 2007 10:40 pm
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Johnny -

Just the other day I saw on TV an all black girls basketball team that does not accept whites..It is all black. God, think of the static that would bring if you had an all white team where no blacks could join. 

I put this first, since it's the one thing you said that I totally agree with. Discrimination is discrimination. It works both ways.

On one occasion we were told to rate the American flag from -10 to a +10. 4 of the 5 blacks in the class rated it a -10.

If your mother had been told she wasn't quite human enough to attend schools with white people, how would you feel about the flag? If your grandfather had been delegated to sharecropper status because a physical characteristic, how would you feel about the flag? If your grandfather and all those before him were held in bondage, beaten and abused at the whim of their white master, how would you feel about the flag? And if all of this were done with the approval and encouragement of the very government that flag represents, how would you feel about it? Perhaps some empathy is in order.

It was wrong, there is no argument there...

And the harm in apologizing for something we, as a government, did that was wrong is what? It costs nothing. Perhaps it will convince some African-Americans that we're actually serious in our remorse. At the very least it will show that we actually have the moral characteristics that we always run around claiming we have.

I guess we owe all the Indians an apology ...

Actually - yes.

Oh yea I am Italian and I want an apology from the gov. for attaching the WAP name to my kind...

Darn, I didn't realize that the government did that. Let me know more details about that and, as a fellow Italian, I'll be demanding that apology right with you ;)

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one Johnny, but thanks for expressing your opinion. Gotta admit, it's a great topic for conversation (kudo's to Doc C !)


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