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 Posted: Mon Feb 26th, 2007 03:08 am
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On one occasion we were told to rate the American flag from -10 to a +10. 4 of the 5 blacks in the class rated it a -10.

If your mother had been told she wasn't quite human enough to attend schools with white people, how would you feel about the flag? If your grandfather had been delegated to sharecropper status because a physical characteristic, how would you feel about the flag? If your grandfather and all those before him were held in bondage, beaten and abused at the whim of their white master, how would you feel about the flag? And if all of this were done with the approval and encouragement of the very government that flag represents, how would you feel about it? Perhaps some empathy is in order


Well Java

 I would not serve under that flag then. And that is my point..But they did..And took their paychecks every month also. My father came from Sicily..How would you like to be branded as a slimey Italian who must be in the Mafia...Well guess what..He was branded..We were branded..And here is your information as what a WAP is..The meaning of WAP to the US gov. meant "Without Any Papers" meaning an imigrant coming into the country with no papers from the country he was coming from..This term attached itself to Italians coming across because many had no papers. I am an Italian American and it was attached to me. I heard it many times in the Armed Forces. And actually only punched one guy in the mouth for it because he was using it to provoke me and it worked. Should the Government apologize to all us Italians...Simply put I don't think so and I don't expect it ...I live with it...All I am saying here is when and where does it stop? It comes down to  this. I am an Italian American...Bob may be an Afro American and when we drop our ethnic heritage out of the phrase we are all Americans. I guess what I need to hear before I hear an apology to the black community who still harbor ill feelings about Slavery in this country is this..."Thank You for dying to set our forefathers free and right a terrible wrong"..Why dont we ever hear that from our fellow black Americans. In your own words Perhaps some empathy is in order for all the white Union soldiers, and their families, who died to make freedom for them a reality...And I guess we still agree to disagree here..:) Oh yea and this slimey greasy WAP rated the American Flag a +10 because I took an oath to defend it and when I did I meant it. I was not there for a paycheck. It was Vietnam and you were drafted or you enlisted. It was about Honor not about heritage....

100 years after the Civil War blacks were still not being treated as equals and I understand that but neither were other ethnic groups in the US being treated fairly also. Our government has bent over backwords for the Black American to make things right. Programs that are available and free monies to start a business are just some of them. I know of none for any other ethnic groups except for the Indians. So if it makes it all better, which I know it will not, let the US Government apologize for Slavery to all the Black Americans. Then we can drop all these programs and save a lot of tax dollars that support them...Again I say When does it all stop? When is enough, enough?


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