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 Posted: Mon Feb 26th, 2007 06:05 am
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Johnny: When you learn to spell WOP properly, I'll start to take you seriously. A great many of our forbearers were not here during "that" time. Mine have nothing to apologize for, as I'm sure yours do not. However, if Virginians have elected representatives that feel an apology is necessary, then that is is the business of Virginians.

If you're carrying a grudge for being labelled, then more's the pity. Your Sicilian ancestors got nothing worse than the Deutcsh and Micks. Part of the initiation fee. Mine were squareheads. Then came the Chinks, Polacks, Bohunks and Spics. Each, in turn, paid the fee. Each, in turn, weathered the storm. But there was a difference, wasn't there? None were black.

So. Perhaps, a state's recognition of a "special" class of discrimination isn't out of order. I wouldn't sign onto it, and I would object if my state felt the need, but what Virginia does is certainly not my business.

I will not equate "our" initiation fee for citizenship with that of the oddly colored whose dues are not accepted.


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