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 Posted: Mon Feb 26th, 2007 08:25 pm
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There was another thread about relic digs, now this .  That graveyard is one of my favorites to visit.  I have a picture I have a  picture taken there I love to share wih friends by saying here is me , Paul Revere and my sister in law.  Friends look and look before they realize he monument is Paul Revere's grave.  It is a small cemetery right in the middle of Boston.  I am so offended that it would be used for a "promotional"  I am so glad the gates were locked. 

I am learning quickly that most people don't care about the past , it what about me generation.  how do I get something fast .  never mind what is destroyed.  I have been arguring this point with a fried for months.  He is one of those rock takers.  His goal is to own a rock from every battlefield. I have argued til I am blue in the face that it is not right.   He doesn't care, it is what he wants!!   He also doesn't believe in mueseums for artifacts , he collects Civil War relics and thinks they are better off with collectors .  aggghhhhhh    After all that now this coin hunt.   Don't you just want to

stand up and yell STOP!!!!!! 

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