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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2007 11:13 am
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Susan, yes, I have one like that rock collector in my family, my cousin's wife.  They were in town on business, but fortunately for me, they stayed at a hotel.  To give you an idea:

They said, "We want to take you to lunch."  So when the check came around, he looked at it, did a little arithmetic, pulled out some cash, then handed the check to me and said, "Here, Patty, the rest is your share."  I wasn't quick-minded enough to protest.

We went window shopping.  She wanted to try on some sandals, but wasn't wearing socks.  The clerk offered her a new pair, which she put on while she pranced and preened.  She didn't buy the sandals OR the socks.

I took them to dinner.  They ordered a $21 platter of some delicacy for the appetizer, the most expensive entrees, and two drinks each.  Didn't even offer to pay the tip.

This is the topper.

At Mount Vernon, botanical historians have painstakingly researched the types of flowers that grew in Washington's time, and have saved the seeds to replicate his beautiful flower garden.  We strolled along the brick walkways through the garden, and Iris BROKE OFF TWIGS FROM TWO PLANTS!!  She wanted to plant them in her yard.  Yeah, right, they live in northern Colorado, not exactly the same climate as Mount Vernon.

It's one thing to soak a relative.  But to steal something you can't possibly use, that will die before you even get home...


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