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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2007 02:47 pm
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Johnny Huma
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Sorry someone told you WAP was Spelled WOP..But however you wish to spell it the meaning stands the same. As far as carrying a grudge you are missing the point here. The point being that we all had labels put on us and I see no need for an apology from anyone. Exactly who are we saying Sorry to. The slaves are all dead unless you know of some still around. So we are apologizing to a group of people who never saw slavery or lived it.  I will agree that my ancestors have nothing to aplogize for since I had none here during that period in our nations history, hence neither do I. Simply I do not believe there is any reason why Blacks in today's world should or would harbor ill feelings on the Slavery issue. It is over and it needs to be put to rest and by Virginia openly apologizing for it only rekindles a fire that should long be burnt out. So wether you take me seriously or not the facts of the matter still remain the same so I will say it again...When is enough, enough ?

Thanks for you post Ole



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