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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2007 06:32 pm
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Oh geeze Patty I have had those experiences too. I had friends meet me in Ashland Oregon to go to the theatre.  I took them to the dinner theatre in town.  I bought four tickets to the show. The tickets were not cheap!!!! There were four of us.  i said to them I would spring for he tickets if they would buy dinner .  There was a couple and a single male.  The couple put in just enough money to pay half he bill.  Now remember the three of them were to pay for my dinner.  Oh and my single friend order  munchies before dinner .  The couple ate most of them but didn't pay for them when they paid their "half " of the bill.  So my other friend got stuck with the major part of the dinner bill and I had paid for the tickets .  Nice huh? 

I have seen people I know take cutting, pick up rocks, and worst of all there was one couple I knew , friends of friends that actually had relics they picked up differen places around he world. 

My friend that takes the rocks wife took cuttings at one of the places we stopped but at least she asked at the visitors center if she could .  They told her she could.  The plants were not hisorical plants such as Mt Vernon .  They were tea plants at the Tea Plantation. 

I do admit at the hotels I take the soaps and such and the pens.  I recyle them to a halfway house or to our UDC groups support of the troops packages. 

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