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 Posted: Wed Feb 28th, 2007 06:58 am
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I do admit at the hotels I take the soaps and such and the pens.  I recyle them to a halfway house or to our UDC groups support of the troops packages.

The cost of that sort of amenity is included in the price of the room. If you didn't take the stuff, the housekeeping staff, which would be expected to replace the missing items, is then free to recycle them in the charity of its choices. That sounds like an "everybody does it" excuse. I never take the stuff because I won't be bothered with those little things. But, since you mentioned where they can be useful, I believe I'll start taking them.

The examples given by Susan and Widow are quite familiar. I have nothing recent to add. In our circle, there is a language: "We're taking you .... " means our treat and if you have a sense of decency, you will offer to at least pitch in the tip, although that's not a requirement. "Let's get together for ... " means we're going dutch -- split it however you feel is equitable. Approximate it, but note the prices and make the effort to carry your share. No rules, but it works. It appears to be that we're losing part of the social contract: consideration of the other party. Those who coined the phrase, "the ME generation" seem to be gathering respect for their prediction.

Oops! My soapbox broke. Are there no REAL craftsmen around anymore. Excuse, please: craftspeople.


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