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 Posted: Wed Feb 28th, 2007 07:41 am
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Ole I knew that about he soaps etc.  When I was a kid  we would go visit my grandparents in Oklahoma each summer , We would take the soaps from the motels and then at Christmas when the teacher would bring out the little Red Cross boxes that we filled and sent to Korea (dating myself here )  I would always have the soaps for the box. 

So since then I take them and pass them on to among other places the Teen shelter here in HB , the halfway house, the Soldiers Angels. Several years ago a woman who ran our local mail place had all her customers trained to bring her their soaps an other items from their business trips. She would then get shoe boxes from local stores .  In her space time she made shoe box kits for the homeless in the area.  She would go with others into the camps in the river bed (yeah we have a river just no water in it most of the time) and pass out the boxes.  I gave to her for years .  I even have other friends giving me their soaps now too. 


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