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 Posted: Thu Mar 1st, 2007 03:52 pm
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Albert Sailhorst

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I say no one should appologize for slavery.

We can not apply 21st century attitutdes (in order to be "politically correct") to 18th and 19th century thought.

No one alive is responsible for slavery, nor is anyone alive a former slave, so who would we appologize to? Perhaps to the people who get housing and education, yet choose to use or appreciate neither? To people who have been given the right to vote, but don't use it??

I am certainly not racist, but statistics prove that the population that, in this case, cries the loudest, votes the least, etc., etc.....

I've had enough of all this political correctness, so my comment may seem harsh to sensitive ears.....and I won't applogize for that, either!

Has anyone applogized for burning Atlanta??

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