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 Posted: Thu Mar 1st, 2007 06:50 pm
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Hi All,

    This year's "Campaign Season" is just starting up for me and my kids again.  This weekend we're going to work on the Junior Ranger patch for the Richmond NBP's outer battlefields.  My son and I did this at the end of January at Tredegar with his cub scout pack.  This is a really neat program for kids 6-16 or so (varies at different parks) during which they do a sort of historical scavenger hunt around the park(s).  After they successfully complete the booklet (free at the front desk at Tredegar at least) the rangers will grade it, and give them either a park-specific patch or badge.  My son & I like the patch, it is in color and very distinctive. 

    I was wondering, my earlier search (granted I didn't have much time to actually search during lunch at work) didn't turn up a central page.  Does any one know if the National Park Service has a central internet page set up on their site or related sites where one can find information about which parks offer a Jr. Ranger Program (not necessarily just the battlefields) and any details about what the kids actually need to accomplish?  I'd really like to spend some time with the kids at various parks doing this sort of thing this year.  Andrew got a lot out of Tredegar, and I'd like to expand on that experience some.  I may even be able to talk the pack leaders into bringing the other cubs along too.

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