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 Posted: Tue Nov 22nd, 2005 09:48 pm
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Honestly, there is a lot lacking in the Richmond area in regards to historical preservation and tourism. The urban sprawl that they have allowed to suffocate the MOC and Confederate White House is deplorable. My own theory (and I have had this supported somewhat by several members of the SCV) is that the large African-American (and I struggle to use that term as I don't believe any of them are African) representation throughout the city's local and surrounding government tends to frown upon spending dollars on it's Civil War history. Therefore (my theory) is that public funding and money is not appropriated as easily, or as readily in order to support the tourism that glorifies Confederate history. Monument Avenue has been ignored off and on through the years, the MOC is the best thing going and they are not fairing well economically. Richmond's leaders are too interested in moving on into the future w/ big business and development and as a result, it has neglected its past. They are all excited about luring NEW things in like the Nascar Hall of Fame and Celebrate VA theme parks - not maintaining and improving Civil War sites. I thank God that I'm 50 mi. north in Fredericksburg, where CW tourism isn't only cherished - it's constantly being improved and expanded. I say shame on you to Richmond's current leaders and wish them nothing but failure in these other ventures. If I sound bitter, I am - and I pray the MOC comes out of this travesty OK in the end.

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