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 Posted: Tue Nov 22nd, 2005 10:02 pm
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Basically, the location of the White House is historically important and worth protecting and preserving on site, but the Museum can really be anywhere -- it's currently housed in a modern building.  What's he difference if it moves to another modern building in a better location
I couldn't agree more. Somehow though, I don't believe people outside of the area realize just how bad it is. The hospital parking garage literally engulfs the entire corner where the MOC and WHofC sits.

If you walked by too fast - you would miss the entire MOC and the WHofC entrance. The fact that it got that bad is inexcusable regardless of what plan of action they decide to take.

You can tell how beautiful that section of town used to be and the concrete jungle that has "overgrown" it is an eyesore.

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