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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2007 02:29 am
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No never met one and probably never will...I agree with you that they are the ones who bring on a lot of the ill's on this country..And I will answer my own question in an earlier post here..When is enough, enough?...It will never be enough...Because before it can be enough there has to be someone to accept the apology and I do not see that happening..There will still be that part of the black community that will never forgive just to harbor bad feelings toward whites...Not all blacks will, heck some of the ones I talk to could not tell you a lick about slavery or the Civil War for that matter nor do they care. In fact I cannot see how we can apologize for our white ancestors who may not want to give an apology anyway..So what are we saying here "We are sorry for what they did but they really are not sorry"..How dumb and stupid is that..?  But if a Politician thinks he can get a few votes out of it then he will apologize for anything..I am with you Johan "Never apologize for anything"...


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