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 Posted: Wed Nov 23rd, 2005 06:24 am
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Since I don't live in the Richmond area, I decided to do an online search for a visitors center in Richmond just for S&Gs. According to MapQuest, the address and phone number is:

405 N 3RD St
Richmond, VA 23219-1705  
(804) 783-7450


That said, I have to wonder a few things. First, how old the information is? If it's up to date, then this does suggest there is a visitors center still in the city. But if it's no longer up to date, then the visitors center could have moved or could have been closed.

Second, who runs the visitor center if it is still open? In the context of what Javal1 said, I wonder if this center is run by the state or city governments or if it is run by a group of volunteers. If the former, then why the need to suggest creating a special visitor center just for directing folks to museums and historical sites rather than suggesting putting state or city funds towards a section of the exsiting center for that exact purpose and making sure there are signs directing folks to the visitor center? If it's the latter, then why not set it up so that it's run by the state or city goverment.

Either way, a third question can be raised as to how often it's staffed and the competence of the folks on "duty" when someone is there? If it's staffed maybe once or twice a week, and then it is just little more than a set of restrooms and a brochure stand with maybe some vending machines for drinks and snacks. If it is staffed on a daily basis, then are the folks little more than glorified janitors for whom the most they do besides keeping the place clean is to maybe provide directions if they know them? Or are they fairly knowledgeable about the area and can actually suggest good spots to eat, decent shopping place, and local attractions to visit? And we have to keep in mind that if it's staffed daily then the last two questions have to be asked on a daily basis as you could go in on one day and not get anything worth the trouble of asking while the following day they could tell you a hundred great places to go.

Finally, is this just a baisc visitor center or does it include a resturant or two (and I would count a fastfood joint here) and maybe a place to get gas?

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