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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2007 10:10 pm
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All this makes one shudder at the thought that the whole south could have degenerated into Missouri (I say MO as example, but it could have concievably been much worse)around the time we now say the war concluded. It really wouldn't have taken all that much for this to happen. If the war in missouri and other areas that were guerrilla strongholds is any indication, I'm not sure what the Federal response could have been that would have put an ending to such activity. Federals officials/officers showed themselves to be incapable of really stomping out such tactics. Indeed, the same could be said of todays officials/officers. Of course, the fact that we didn't understand what we were getting into (political situation before and after sadam removal, what the factions are and their history, the individual person, etc.) makes the problem worse, but there is no indication that we would have been able to stomp it out any better then than now. Matching brutality for brutality would not have been the answer, IMO.

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