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 Posted: Sun Mar 4th, 2007 10:48 pm
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Just saw this on and thought some of you might be interested. A couple of years ago, or perhaps more recently, Nicholas Cage starred in an adventure treasure hunt thriller "National Treasure" that earned  a tasty $355-million worldwide.  Numbers like that usually scream out for a sequel, so guess what?

Cage will be appearing in "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" and the topic is about Abraham Lincoln, his assassination and Confederate gold.  Well that caught my attention.

Of course, it is fiction. To review, in the previous film Cage played a treasure hunter who specialized in historical relics. He made history look like fun and the movie was rumored to have sparked a rebirth of interest in history among the young.

I guess I'll be going to see it when this sequel comes out--no date set yet-- because it intrigues me how the scriptwriters will handle this topic. I hope this movie is as fast paced and as absorbing as the previous film. Given its subject matter, it has the potential to be even better. I hope the script won't be filled with blatant historical inaccuracies. Oh well, even if it is, it will be a challenge to try to pick them out if and when they do appear.


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