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 Posted: Mon Mar 5th, 2007 07:04 am
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I feel the same way about movie theatres and I have a million choices here.  People are talking though the movie some on their phones, Or I get the restless person in front of me.  The one that jumps up and leaves every five minutes.  Don't know if that is worse than the seat kicker . who sits behind you and kicks you seat.  Anymore I just wait for them to come out on dvd and then I can watch them any time I want.  I do like to see some on big screen Captain and Commander would not be the same on a small screen but lately even hose type get seen at home.  Saves me money and I can have my own popcorn and diet coke .  I can also pause the movie when needed !!!!

One of the last movies I saw  in a theatre was Gone with the Wind . . . . . of course it was just last year in a special showing at the opening of a remodeled Art Deco theatre in San Pedro .  I did opt out of the hoop skirt although many did wear them  Picture women trying to sit in old type theatre seats in hoop skirts!!!!



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