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 Posted: Mon Mar 5th, 2007 05:41 pm
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Thanks, Tom,

    I took your advice, looked at the WebRangers page, and below was a link to the Junior Ranger Program that had exactly what I was looking for.  There doesn't seem to be any header information with which to form a link, so I'll just talk about it.  It actually does list all the parks, in alphabetical order, that had junior ranger programs at the time of its writing.  I say it like that because the links I've tried have all moved, so it is evident there have been some changes, but  fortunately the links are not far off target and simple to find the programs for each of the parks. 

    My kids had fun, although it was quite blustery here this weekend.  It felt as if one could SAIL across the field at Cold Harbor if one jumped into the wind.  The really neat thing, is besides history they have put other subjects in the booklets and tied them into the experience.

   As an example I present the following Math problem:  "The cannon crew fires a cannon 2 times per minute.  The battle of Gaines' Mill lasted for 5 hours.  How many times could this cannon crew fire during that time period?" 

   Wonderful idea!  I hope the others are as well done.  At the Richmond parks, the materials are free of charge, some of the others charge a small fee.  Either way, well worth it.  My kids helped make the ranger's day too.  Nice to return the favor, he helped make ours.



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