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 Posted: Tue Mar 6th, 2007 04:01 am
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I have just looked at your site - very good job indeed, and thank you for the Clip Art section. The only problem I saw in my quick glance was that you have some of the Northern & Southern leaders mixed up. This isn't really a problem, I suppose, as all the biographies & photos I saw were of the correct man, and stated what Army he served.

Realize that for us, in particular descendants of Veterans, The War is still an emotional subject.  Be prepared for strong opinions and passionate debates in your forums on issues large and small. Unreconstructed Southernors will argue that it was not, in fact, a "Civil" war.  Hardcore re-enactors will argue about brass buttons and thread count.  People will be challenged to duels.  Have a thick skin for heated criticism, and an open ear for honest exchanges.

God Bless You Endeavor.

yr obt svt,

JDC Duncan


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