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 Posted: Wed Mar 7th, 2007 12:28 am
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Mr. MedicBoy Matt - only a scholar could have made such a joke - I'm guessing that when you woke up Mr. DAVID (as he preferred to be called) Crockett was gone, so you just went home and never saw your comrades again, LOL?

Mr. Fuller - I thought once a Texan, always a Texan - admit, it, it's still in your blood, which is why you were Johnny-on-the Spot: Very Quick to post a reply.

Mr.  Kentucky_Orphan - well the Iron Brigade is certainly worth reading about, but Not Today, LOL!  I've got to admit, whenever I feel like I am being intimidated by people whom would intimidate me, I hear, "Texans, My Brave Texans, You must not run from Those People" ringing in my ears, and I grow a new backbone - and I've never even lived in Texas....but, such was Lee, and the Texans, about 25 years after the Alamo had fallen.


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