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 Posted: Wed Mar 7th, 2007 02:53 pm
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Down the dry draw in the thick mesquite trees I've cleared out a pretty little area and built a campsite, big firepit with raised limestone rock walls and a windbreak built from old grey barn lumber.  We all go down there just about every day and sit around the fire, drink bad cowboy coffee & pick guitars.

I've named the camp "Camp Gillentine", in honor of the Texas Ranger Captain who was killed at Dove Creek, January 1865, just to the south of here. (We do a song for him, too, to the tune of "Clementine")(O my Captain, O my Captain ...)

At the head of the camp, I've put up a small flagpole, and fly an "1824 Alamo" flag, handmade by a Mountain Man re-enactor. The flag is the Mexican National, red, white & green vertical bars, with "1824" in the center, the year of the Mexican Constitution that Santa Anna suspended.  This may or may not have been the flag flown over the Alamo during the battle; the idea being that the Defenders wanted to communicate that they were fighting for their rights under that Constitution as Mexican citizens, and not in rebellion as Santa Anna claimed.  (Of course, Sam Houston, on orders from Andrew Jackson, had independence and eventual US statehood in mind from the beginning.)

Whether historically accurate or not, the flag is generally accepted as "The Alamo Flag", and is a wonderful opportunity for argument & education.  ("What'cha doin flyin that there Meskin flag, boy ?")

I also enjoy giggin' my Daddy when he starts in on "The Mexicans". (They didn't cross the border Daddy, the border crossed them.)(Duck & run ...) 

Three Cheers for the Great State of Texas !



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