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 Posted: Wed Mar 7th, 2007 09:17 pm
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For those of you who plan on visiting Texas and the Alamo, I would also suggest a trip to the Alamo Village in Brackettville. It is a more-or-less accurate replica of the 1836 Alamo compound and the village of San Antonio de Bexar. It was originally built in 1959 for John Wayne's "The Alamo", and is still in use today for various movie shoots. I think it gives you a better appreciation for the seige, compared to the small remnants of the original fort left in downtown San Antonio. And you might also get to see a movie being made!

Here's their website:

Also, for those of you going to the San Jacinto Battlefield, check out the nearby U.S.S. Texas Memorial. Texas, a veteran of both World Wars, is the only remaining dreadnought-era battleship in the world.

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