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 Posted: Thu Mar 8th, 2007 05:14 am
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"It may be in my huge William Davis Belle Wiley Civil War photography book.  I will look there next ."

Hee-hee Susan, it looks like you and I were  looking thru that book at the same time!  I know I've seen that picture as well- if I can't find it in one of my photography books, I'll take a look when I'm at the local University this weekend.  If Mr. Duncan joined this group to find that picture, we must do our best to reward him by finding it!

 " Found several of Custer during The War - handsome devil."

And he knew it - the guy is famous for his vanity, among other things.  But, he travelled the frontier with a pack of Scottish Deerhounds (ever seen the pictures of him standing outside his tent with them?), so I have a soft spot for him - wonderful dogs!!!!! 

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