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 Posted: Fri Mar 9th, 2007 08:47 pm
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  "History will do me justice." - George Henry Thomas

   Well, perhaps not yet. Many people believe that Thomas was under-rated as a general. (I am one who does.). I don't often agree with the judgment of General Hooker, but in this case I concur with his evaluation of General Thomas.

   Here are a couple of articles relating to the subject.


General Thomas and the Judgement of History


The Forgotten General


   The second article says that one reason that the :"less than exciting" general might not have gotten his due is that no stellar biography of him has appeared.

   Because he was not the: "Life of the party," he has not been properly memorialized in biographies. So- those of you who wish to see this injustice rectified- perhaps you can effect this historical oversight by writing that outstanding biography of this worthy individual.

   Faced with the same choice as General Lee about his loyalty, General Thomas made the opposite choice. Like Lee, he paid a price for it. In this case, he was disowned by his close family members.

   Though they made opposite decisions, I respect both General Lee and General Thomas equally. I am grateful that I have lived a long time and never had to make such a decision in life.

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