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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2007 02:22 am
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Johnny Huma
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Of course slavery had an impact on our Nation and so did everything else that happend in our past. That is called History..What exactly (54th) do you believe will come from an apology for Slavery that you say is long overdue? Will this heal our Country.? Would the black community that harbors ill feelings over slavery openly forgive all us whites of the 21st Century who had nothing to do with it in the first place.  I don't think so and if you do then I think your kidding yourself and need a reality check. If the polls you put up on the average black making 6000 dollars is true it is because that is what they are getting on welfare. But it is really funny how I drive a 1994 Jeep and have worked my whole life and have done pretty well but a lot of blacks in our town drive new Chrysler 300's and my gosh if you ask them where they work they answer that they dont...Hmmmm...This guy is selling drugs as a lot of blacks in our town are..Did History do this to them because they were slaves or because they see an easy way to make big money and dont have to work doing it. Also I know blacks that have gone to college and made a real good life for themselves because of their studies..These programs were paid for by my tax dollars..I unfortunatly could not afford to go to college because we were just a working class family and we were white and there were no programs for us white kids in the 60's or 70's....So I really get a little urked when people say we owe the blacks an apology over slavery as you can see from my other post here..Slavery and the Civil War are now History so lets keep it like that instead of opening up old wounds...


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