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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2007 02:42 am
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Greetings remember the 54th,

I hate to sow what likely will be considered more seeds of discord, but gentlemen, this apology is absolutely necessary and long overdue.

If you are going to say the apology from the South is long overdue then you need an apology from many other places. Slavery, both black and other races, has been in the world far longer then the Confederacy. It was the Northern States that brought and paid for the slaves to be brought to this country. Why not demand an apology from the United State government?

If you are going to demand apologies for past wrongs against the Negro then you need to start back before the Roman Empire and blame the fellow Negro who sold them to the whites. Since there are no ex-slaves alive today an apology is useless. Slavery is part of history in this country, let it be that and learn from it. Move forward not backward by working to improve conditions for everyone.

By the way I want an apology for all the dumb Polock jokes.:D

As I said, it would take at least a dozen posts to discuss all the ways slavery continues to impact us as Americans. If you don't realize what those effects are, it may be because they do not negatively impact you.

No slavery does not continue to impact us today, except by those who choose to use it as an excuse for making little progress. What impacts us today is unchanging attitudes toward each other. Things like hate and not understanding the time of slavery impact us. We are too far removed form the ills and wrongs of slavery to continue to blame it for what is wrong today.



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