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 Posted: Wed Mar 14th, 2007 04:35 pm
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The members of this site who have read many of my post , realize I do have strong convictions and beliefs and stand by them. I may have overstepped them as Javal's post was intended for me and rightly so. So I will apologize for any thing I have posted that may have been offending to you or anyone else. Realize we all have different opinions and that is what makes this country so great. We all post and write things here from our own expierences and that is what I was pulling from. Things may be different in other parts of the country. So again please accept my apology since my statements were not directed at you personally. And welcome to the board. There are some very well educated people on the board who know a ton of stuff on the Civil War and I have really learned a lot from them...So keep coming and posting...Since I have no more to add to this subject I will make this my last post here..




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