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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2007 01:43 am
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That is what is so much fun about this thread - it is totally random!  Everyone needs a little absurdity once in awhile.  Yes, it hit me earlier, we had gone from Southern Gentlemen, to Grits, to what could be percieved as "Man-Bashing"; but before it got too far, we got back to grits (God Bless You, David!).  It's just good fun.  We are letting off steam, and humor is important, too.  And, humor is always based in the controversial.

Yes, I was aware of being sexist, too; but your underlying message was priceless, (taking the "man" out of it, and making it the "everyone").  And, MedicBoyMatt did a nice job of equalizing the sexism. 

Not to over-analyze, but this is fun!  When we run out of grits comments, I'm going to bring up black-eyed peas, and see where we can go from there! ROFL!

I tip my hat to your mental and verbal astuteness, and your sense of fair-play.




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