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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2007 02:35 am
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Yes I in a way do agree his was a ruffian.. But still theres so many opinons about him being so he married a 14 year old from Blue Springs,MO Which I currently live at...

But Quantril was many things depending from where you from....but on my moms side a family member rode with Quantril and in his journal the only reason why like 30-60% of the raiders where out for revenge for Ocealoa, MO.. And I do agree Bleeding Kansas was a major cause to the start of the war..

But for him to attack Lawrance he had to have motive...which theres several posibilites...

I am interested in y'alls opinon...


Its always the Victor that tells the story not the loser...

And yes I am split 50/50 He was a Hero...and a Tyrant...

Depending on the situation.


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