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 Posted: Thu Mar 15th, 2007 01:24 pm
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Hello my name Is Ann and i live in sweden.
My hobbies is The American civil war 1861-1865.
Why are i intressted of the ACW, i watch a tv series for many many years ago that we call north and south sence that are the ACW my hobbies i love that history.

I have a own site about the american civil war,and why did a do that too the explanation is fairly for me many of the site about the acw that are on the web is so incomplete in my eye so for that reason i will try to do a site that are better than the other site on the web but i now that it will be very hard to do that.
I have get a lot of help from people in america even the military and professor that are special in the history about acw.

Maby that are people in her that can help me

Regards Ann in sweden

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