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 Posted: Sat Mar 17th, 2007 10:42 pm
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There have been several mournful posts about homegenization, thank goodness we still don't have that problem where I'm at -east kentucky. Lets just say if you go into a bar around here dressed like some of the posters describe..well, you won't look quite as good leaving as you did entering lol. Is that a good thing? I won't say one way or the other, but it certainly is not Gentlemanly (is that a word? who cares, Im from Kentucky!-we just got running water last month, my first pair of shoes last week, an I kin reed ata thurd greyed levl!) behavior.

I'm not sure if many would even call where I live southern, perhaps instead saying its just redneck. To fit in around here you have to have worked tobacco fields or other type of farm at least once, be a member of or sympathetic to the NRA,hunt, are Christain or Jewish , speak english, and work. We'll still  be friendly to you if you don't fit into all these categories most times, but you won't fit into what people around here think of as the southern way.

I'm not sure how to define a southern gentleman though. To me, you have to display all the courtesy and friendliness that most the populaton exhibits while also having money.



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