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 Posted: Sun Mar 18th, 2007 01:54 am
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It's not, It's a campsite that was used by both sides. A four acre homesite that is still in use. It sit's on a hill and never was any kind of graveyard. The soldiers dropped stuff everywhere. There are minnies everywhere. The yankees were issued 20 every day and if you have ever held one you'll know, they are heavy. They threw them away everywhere. Confederate bullets are more rare. The buckles I have found are all equipment buckles from cavalry and other equipment. It's amazing how you try to make something into something it's not. That's ok though, I know what I do and why I do it and I know that it does indeed honor the men who served, even the invader, to find the things that they left behind, preserve, and display them. I can't speak for others but I have never sold anything I have found and never will. Neither will I ever give them away. I will at some point loan them to a museum. That way they can never sell them when they need funds.

I hope you will take the time to found your opinion on something other than emotion.


susansweet wrote:
I agree JDC , That and buckles and buttoms. hmm wouldn't those come off uniforms.  Sounds like grave robbing almost .   But then I am interested in honoring the fallen not digging up their possessions. 

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