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 Posted: Sun Mar 18th, 2007 05:16 am
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  Relic Hunting... I live outside of Richmond, and frequently relic hunt. I do it on lands where I have permission from the owners, as a rule. I also do it in areas where there is construction in the works, for this whole area was fought over several times during the Late Unpleasantness.
    To use the argument that it's all "Hallowed ground"is being a bit stuffy, IMHO. I do a lot of work with period maps to work out places where the Union and Confederate armies camped, had supply depots, and generally used as right of ways. I find a lot of things like this, such as buttons from discarded greatcoats, breastplates, broken accroutrements, etc. when RIR was building a new satellite parking area on the site of an old star fort, one of my friends found a Virginia tongue and wreath buckle. Bullets, both dropped and shot, are literally everywhere. I know of people who have found graves, and they're always treated with respect, and reinterrment in a local cemetery is the ticket. So, what's the problem? Irresponsible people who go onto NPS lands, or hunt where they have no right, and give all of us a bad name. I don't deny that they're out there, people.
   When you find a bad apple, you cull it, don't you?<G>

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