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 Posted: Mon Mar 19th, 2007 01:57 am
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I apologize, I was not clear. I didn't mean to say that Sherman was thinking in any way about the election. What I meant to say was that if Sherman had not taken Atlanta by November, Lincoln may well have lost to Mac and then everything would have changed. Lincoln certainly was worried about it. Sherman was a soldier, I agree.




ole wrote:
In any case he certainly would have made a difference in the Atlanta campaign and if he were to even stall Sherman until after the election it would likely have changed the course of history.


Sherman certainly didn't want Forrest anywhere between him and Chattanooga. That's why he arranged to keep "that Devil" busy elsewhere. I don't think that the election caused Sherman to worry overmuch. If there were communications out there emphasizing haste because of the election, they're hiding pretty effectively.

Sherman didn't like politicians -- any politicians. He even avoided his brother unless there was something  he wanted. He'd take orders from Grant. That Grant's orders conveyed Lincoln's wishes didn't matter -- they came in the form of orders. And I've seen no evidence where Grant mentioned the election anywhere in his communications with Sherman.

Here, I'm on shaky ground but, off the top of my head, he ignored different governors' requests for voting leaves theor their states' troops. And he allowed leaves only for those troops he wasn't planning to take with him.


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